Linguist. Human Rights Expert

Policy and Advocacy Services

Working from scratch or adapting existing material, I build on my experience to support the delivery of strong evidence-based publications and informed advocacy strategies for improving the policies and practices of international bodies, governments and others to promote and protect a wide range of human rights, sustainable development and humanitarian concerns. I can provide support throughout the whole project cycle, from planning to evaluation, and through research, advise, facilitation,collaboration and coordination with teams and partner organisations at national and international levels.

Throughout the years I have been exposed to a wide range of human rights and humanitarian action concerns including, but not limited to, international aid and sustainable development; emergency preparedness, response and transition; peacebuilding in post-conflict environments; democratization and good governance; global health; nutrition; food security and climate change; WASH; women’s rights; minority rights; non-discrimination in provision of services; universal justice; and impunity issues.

My projects include:

  • Policy research on the fields of human rights, humanitarian assistance, poverty alleviation, empowerment of women and minority groups, rule of law, global health, hunger and nutrition.

  • Strategic advocacy development, implementation, advisory support and capacity building at both global and national levels.

  • Institutional Development, facilitation, coordination, collaboration and partnerships, capacity building, project management, monitoring, evaluation and learning.