Linguist. Human Rights Expert

I work to and from

I collaborate with native speakers to ensure content and language accuracy and to guarantee the quality of the final text.

I use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools for all my translations to guarantee consistency and quality. The use of CAT tools also helps to speed up the translation process and reduce costs.


I provide professional language services to a range of clients including United Nations Agencies, international organisations, solicitors, lawyers, individuals and private companies.

My language services include:

  • Translation of documents;

  • Editing to ensure the accuracy of a translation against the original text;

  • Proofreading to guarantee the grammatical correctness of the translated text;

  • Localisation to adapt content to suit both the language and cultural requirements of my specific target audience;

  • Transcription of voice files;

  • Certifications of translation accuracy for official documents in the United Kingdom, such as marriage, birth and academic certificates.


Global Development

With sound experience working in a policy environment within international institutions, I specialize in translating, editing and proofreading a wide range of administrative, political affairs, policy and advocacy documents as well as capacity building and technical toolkits for internal and external use of international institutions, including United Nations Agencies, non-governmental organisations, governments and multilateral institutions.

Legal, Economics and Finance Translation

As qualified lawyer, I also provide language services for an ample scope of legal and business documents such as company formation documents (articles of association, memoranda…); court documents (judgements, affidavits…); certificates (marriage, birth, death, policy checks, professional qualifications…); and wills.

General Translation

Finally, I also work with general texts such as manuals, travel guides, guidelines, information flyers, and brochures among many others.